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360° Liposuction

Instant fat removal procedure that takes 3hrs. With no major surgery and minimal healing time Permanent Result.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer

Fat harvested from your 360 Liposuction can be used to augment your butt and hips to enhance your curves.

Gastric Balloon for Weight-loss

A small silicone pill is swallowed with the guide of an endoscope, and is inflated to occupy more that half the capacity of your stomach which leads to rapid weight loss, This is a non surgical option for weight-loss

Femi-Lift Vaginal Rejuvenation

A rejuvenation treatment that is aimed at tightening your walls, and giving you back your youth! Procedure only takes 15 minutes with long lasting results.


Choose a treatment


3hr Fat removal procedure. Contour your body and slim down your frame .

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Breast Lift

Achieve a subtle or drastic lift with either fat transfer or a mastopexy, or implants.

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Medical Skin Lightening

Skin whitening and brightening injections.

Fat Transfer

Fat Grafting to your butt and hips for a nice Butt lift


Non surgical liposuction treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce fat

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Chemical Peel

Rejuvenate and clear out blemishes.

Liposculpture Facts

Procedure takes only 3hr

Done without Major Surgical Techniques

Healing only takes 3days-1 week or sooner.

Done without General Anesthesia

Some patients can go home the same day.

Compression Garments are necessay to maximize your results.

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Side effects includes slight swelling and bruising.

slight colour dicoulration is expected but not permanent

Aftercare is critical! Do not Compromise.




    from KES 350,000
    • Full 360 Liposuction done on midsection
    • Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage Massages 10-12 sessions
    • Complimentary free ride home within a 35 km radius
    Liposculpture and Fat Transfer Nairobi

    Fat Transfer to Butt and Hips

    from KES 450,000
    • Full 360 Liposuction on midsection
    • Fat grafting to butt and hips 
    • Complementary free ride home within a 35km radius
    • Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage massages.

    Gastric Balloon

    from KES 370,000
    • Insertion and removal of Gastric Balloon
    • Customized diet plan with dietitian
    • Complimentary electrotherapy sessions


    Facts you need to know ahead

    If intersted in having liposculpture, take some time off from work and have your procedure done with a cleared out schedule. Having reasonable expectations and understanding what would work best for you is the first step.


    Interested in our services?

    Call us on 0719278715 to book an appointment with us. We are behind the Junction Mall on Riara Road at the Riara Corporate Suites building.


    Surgery preparation

    During your consultation, our team will guide on what best to do. A blood sample will be drawn for preliminary tests. A day before procedure, you might be asked to fast before any procedure done.



    Every member of our client support team is dedicated to helping make your experience an enjoyable and gratifying one.


    Age limit

    While there's no firm age limit for liposuction, we only work on persons who are in good health from age 21 years. With exceptions of medical reconstruction procedures

    Procedures per year
    Reconstructive surgeries
    Procedures overall
    Treatments monthly

    Consultation is only 2000 . For an appointment please call us or send us a DM.

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