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This is the most sought out procedure within our practice. Liposculpture is one of the latest plastic surgery trends. As its name suggests, Liposculpture is a variation on liposuction. But unlike liposuction – which removes fat from specific areas of the body – Liposculpture is not just about removing fat. It also reshapes the body to improve the body’s overall contour.

Before patients can have Liposculpture procedures, they must first be examined during their consultation. Candidates should be over the age of 21, in good health, and ideally within their BMI or  ideal body weight. They should also have fat deposits that have not gotten better through diet and exercise.

During a Liposculpture procedure, fat deposits are removed by very thin metal tubes interested into the body though small incisions. A syringe or medical suction pump removes the fat by creating an area of negative pressure. Once the fat is removed, it can be transferred to another part of the body that needs to be plumped up, such as the breasts or buttocks.

The recovery time and process for Liposculpture is very similar to that of liposuction. Patients will generally need about a week off from work, and most physical activity should be kept to a minimum for perhaps two weeks. Swelling and bruising is expected, and those can persist between four and 10 weeks, depending on the amount of sculpting that has been done and the surgeon’s technique.

In addition, patients will need to wear a postoperative compression garment for four to six weeks in order to help minimize swelling and pain, and also to help prevent the formation of seromas. A seroma is a collection lymph fluid within a body cavity, and it can form after liposuction leaves empty “tunnels” in the body where fat used to be. They are generally a nuisance but do not cause any real medical problems.

Aftercare with Lymphatic Drainage Massages is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. At our facility, we offer this for free. Our patients also get Colombian Faja’s BBL cushions etc to ease their recovery process, and also maintain the results as well.

It’s important for patients to keep in mind that Liposculpture is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, fat does not weigh very much, so even removing the maximum amount allowed may only result in the loss of a few kgs. However, patients will find that their bodies are more contoured and their proportions are improved. They will look better in their clothes, and they may even drop a few clothing sizes.

In general, Liposculpting is more complicated than liposuction because the overall dimension and shape of the body must be considered and improved. At Body By Design Kenya, our Team of Plastic surgeons and medical staff always guarantee results that are natural looking and aesthetically pleasing results.


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